Cable Machines

Dynamic Trainer (MX1161EX)

The Dynamic Trainer is the ultimate home gym system. Combining a dual pulley system with multiple attachments that allows the unit to be used as a squat rack, bench press, lat pull down, multi-grip pull up and dip station, Olympic bar and weight storage, band pegs and land mine attachment. This compact unit is high quality, heavy duty and extremely robust as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Functional Trainer (MX1161)

The BodyKore Functional Trainer – Dual Adjustable Pulley System is equipped with 220lb weight stacks and accessories storage – to help you achieve amazing results in the comfort of your own home gym or garage gym set-up. This piece of functional equipment provides exercises such as cable rows, squats, presses, lat pushdowns, chest flyes & so much more. The Functional Trainer is constructed of heavy gauge rolled steel tubing, high quality cables and pulleys.

Lat Pull Down/Low Row (GR638)

The BodyKore Isolation Series – Selectorized Lat Pulldown/Seated Row – is the perfect add on to your complete home gym or garage gym setup. It comes outfitted with 220lb weight stack. You can achieve multiple movements while targeting multiple muscles making this machine a perfect, versatile addition to your daily home routine. The interchangeable combo unit allows the user to switch from a Lat Pull Down or a Seated Low Row.

Leg Extension/Curl Combo (GR639)

Our BodyKore Isolation Series – Selectorized Leg Extension/Leg Curl is a home gym essential. This piece allows concrete mechanics while targeting your quads, it offers smooth motion with 220lb weight stacks. The interchangeable combo unit allows the user to switch from a Leg Extension and Leg Curl movement. The 6 point seat adjustment fits users of all sizes.

Hip Abductor (GR632)

BodyKore Isolation Series – Hip Abductor/Adductor, is a commercial grade piece of equipment that can also be used as an essential in your home gym or garage gym setup. It offers 170ls weight stacks, with the option to add up to a total of 220lbs. This piece of the Isolation Series family offers concrete mechanics while training your quads & adductors – and would be a great addition to your leg day family.

Pec/Fly (GR633)

Our BodyKore Isolation Series – Selectorized Pectoral Fly/Back Extension comes available with 220lb weight stack. With this machine you can target traps & pecs with commercial grade quality, in the comfort of your own home. Unlike free weight exercises, Isolation establishes concrete mechanics when performing a given exercise.