Power Cage-G256

The BodyKore Signature Series Squat Rack Power Cage is everything you would need to begin the build out of your home gym or garage gym space space. This squat rack boasts 90” tall to give you plenty or room for pull ups, presses and cleans.
It’s outfitted with a rear expansion and 10 weight horns for plate storage and holes for two olympic bars. The 3” x 3” 11-gauge steel mainframe gives this rack a 1000 lb weight capacity, so you can be certain that you have additional storage for all of your plates.

Half Rack-G701

The BodyKore Signature Series Military Half Rack, is the perfect complement to a smaller home gym or garage space. This piece comes equipped with a pull up bar, 10 weight horns and plenty of room to achieve exercises you could expect with a full rack.
It is built from 5″x2.5″ tubing which promises strong and sturdy construction, to last for years and years to come.


The G703 is a full cage with all the bells and whistles. Included with the cage are: Multi-Grip pull up bar, Dip Bar, Band Pegs, J hooks and spotter bars and dual land mines. The cage has 18 mounting slots for the J hooks and spotters and made for users of all sizes.